We have the courage to think big, set ambitious goals and invest in the future.

A brief history of LHV

We began providing Banking Services to fintech clients in Estonia in 2012 and expanded to the UK market in 2018, opening a London branch. As of 2023, we hold a UK banking licence, work with over 200 leading fintech clients, added an SME Lending business line, and opened regional hubs in Leeds and Manchester.

LHV in Numbers


200+ Regulated Global Fintech Clients

We proudly serve a diverse range of fintechs companies across the globe.


10+ Million End Customers

Through our portfolio companie we service over 10 million end customers.


7% of Instant € Payments in Europe

As a key player in Europe's financial ecosystem, we process 7% of total instant euro transactions.


500 Million Potential Customers

Using our extensive service offering, businesses can tap into a vast pool of 500 million prospective clients across the UK and Europe.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to enhance access to financial services and capital, empowering people and businesses to pursue ambitious goals and invest in their future. Our values are simplicity, support, and effectiveness.

No bullshit

We don’t like beating around the bush – we prioritise simplicity in everything we do, so that doing business with us is easy, our actions are relevant, understandable and transparent.


We listen to our customers and offer solutions that take into account their needs. To us partnership is important. We support those who are committed. Even in difficulties we focus on finding solutions.

Never satisfied

With our work we want to create added value. When investing, the best possible return is paramount. We value effective solutions. We work efficiently and sustainably to meet expectations of investors and customers.

LHV Group

LHV Bank is a subsidiary of LHV Group, a rapidly growing financial institution headquartered in Estonia. Specialising in banking, asset management, and insurance, LHV Group is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Baltic Stock exchange under the ticker symbol LHV1T. Serving nearly 400,000 clients and employing approximately 1,000 skilled professionals, LHV Group manages a portfolio exceeding £10 billion in financial assets.

Join the team

We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join us. Check out our Careers page to learn more about current openings and opportunities.