There’s no success without great people behind it. We’re working hard to create an environment where everyone feels taken care of and valued.

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Mission and Values

Our mission is a better access to financial services and capital. According to our vision, people and enterprises have the courage to think big and start things, setting ambitious goals and investing in the future. Our values are to be simple, supportive and effective.

No bullshit
We don’t like beating around the bush – we prioritise simplicity in everything we do, so that doing business with us is easy, our actions are relevant, understandable and transparent.

We listen to our customers and offer solutions that take into account their needs. To us partnership is important. We support those who are committed. Even in difficulties we focus on finding solutions.

Never satisfied
With our work we want to create added value. When investing, the best possible return is paramount. We value effective solutions. We work efficiently and sustainably to meet expectations of investors and customers.


We are a true team, caring deeply for each other, our customers, and the world around us. We enjoy both professional and personal time together. Friendship is an invaluable perk of being part of LHV.

We are an off-the-scale bunch of curious people. We consistently look for a few simple things in our search to find brilliant people –  deep care for our customers and each other.

We value diversity – believing more minds working together on a problem, opportunity, or innovation results in better support for our customer’s needs and deliver greater value.

We like to keep things simple – interacting with us is straightforward and honest.

We like to evolve continually, making things simpler, better, faster, and more straightforward for our customers.

Your career dreams can become a reality – we actively support and help our employees to unlock and realise their potential.

What really makes us different?

At LHV, we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation. We see what everyone else sees but think what nobody else is thinking – not afraid to tackle difficult problems and always look for opportunities to improve.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is grounded in our mission and values, prioritising simplicity, effectiveness, and support to create better access to financial services and capital for everyone.

Proven track record of finding creative solutions to complex problems, constantly evolving alongside the banking industry and leveraging the latest technology to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Dedication to innovation, providing more effective and efficient services to our clients and their end-customers, striving to make banking simpler, better, and more straightforward.

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in banking, developing new products and improving existing ones to make financial services more accessible and user-friendly.

Commitment to seeing beyond the obvious, tackling difficult problems, and constantly seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.

Experience the Benefits
of Working at LHV

We believe the biggest value of our company is the people that work here. Our benefits reflect our culture, affirm our commitment to the power of differences and have intentionally designed to create a place where everyone feels valued and individual needs are respected. We don't differentiate by tenure, role title, or hierarchy – all our benefits are available to everyone from day one of joining LHV.


It is important to us that everyone who works at LHV is happy, healthy and can enjoy a good balance between work and life.

We understand there may be times in our employees' lives when they need extra help or support, and we’re committed to providing the resources necessary to ensure their well-being.

Our benefits have been designed by people for people, aiming to remove as much stress and hassle from people’s lives as possible.

Some of the benefits we offer include:

We offer comprehensive private healthcare coverage to ensure that our employees have access to the best possible healthcare arrangements.

We provide income protection up to 75% of salary to support our employees in times of difficulty.

We offer both personal and business travel insurance to ensure our employees are covered wherever they go.

Our health cash plan offers our employees access to a range of health services and treatments, including dental and optical care.

We offer an employee assistance program to provide confidential support and guidance to our employees when they need it.

Family Matters

We understand that our employees' families are important to them, and we are committed to supporting their family needs.

Some of the benefits we offer include:

All employees have the option to fund or add their spouse or child(ren) to their private healthcare coverage.

We offer a £500 baby bonus to support our employees in welcoming their new addition to the family.

We offer three free days for parents returning from maternity, paternity, or shared parental leave, a free day for your child's first day at school, three free days for wedding arrangements, and three free days for funeral arrangements of a close relative and £500 financial support.

We offer a free day for our employees' graduation.

We provide 4x salary level life insurance to support our employees' families in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Saving for Your Future

We are committed to supporting our employees in saving for their future.

All employees are automatically enrolled in our pension scheme with Royal London, and we offer:

5% employer + 5% employee pension contributions. We offer comprehensive private healthcare coverage to ensure that our employees have access to the best possible healthcare arrangements.

Our salary sacrifice scheme allows our employees to save on taxes and increase their take-home pay.

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