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Card Issuance

Streamline Card Issuance with our API – we handle the licencing and compliance, you focus on your customers

Launching and managing a card program can be a complex and time-consuming, involving numerous partners, licences, and regulatory requirements. Allow LHV streamline the process for your business with our upcoming card issuance services.

Simplifying the process

Our soon to be launched card issuance service will offer:

BIN Sponsorship

Perfect for businesses with card issuance experience

  • Scheme membership – as the principal member of VISA and Mastercard, LHV offers direct access to scheme membership through UK and European BIN sponsorships.
  • Partner Network – LHV can easily integrate with your existing partners (such as a processor or card bureau) or introduce you to our partner network and support you with our expertise.
  • Safeguarding accounts – as a banking institution, LHV can keep your customer funds in segregated accounts, eliminating the need for an additional banking partner.

Managed Issuing

Tailored for companies new to card issuance

  • LHV provides all aspects of card program management, including transaction processing, card personalisation and fulfilment.
  • By utilising our existing business partnerships, we can help you launch, manage and scale consumer and corporate card programs.
  • Providing you full control over every detail from card design to real-time card balance management.

Why work with us?

Innovative, secure solutions,
with easy integration and comprehensive service offerings

Expert support
for a seamless card program experience for your customers

across the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom

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