Connect API

Straightforward and scalable integration with our cloud-based Connect API

LHV's ‘Connect’ API allows easy integration with all our Banking Services. A seamless, fast, and secure solution enables the execution and reconciliation of payments and provides a real-time overview of your accounts, helping companies to scale payment processes as they grow.

Fast, Seamless & Secure

  • Real time account information services
  • Fast processing of incoming and outgoing transactions
  • Virtual Accounts
  • Indirect Scheme Access
  • Detailed Acquiring Reporting
  • Foreign Exchange Solutions
  • Regular updates to ensure optimal performance
Technical Specifications for Developers

If you'd like to develop your own software using our API, please find more information from the technical documentation below. Our API is designed to be developer-friendly, with comprehensive documentation and support available to help you get started.

Why work with us?

Access all our Banking Services through a single API

Pan-European reach – real-time EUR and GBP payments

Regular updates to our API to ensure optimal performance

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